Opera launches a Pro tier to support its built-in VPN browser VPN

Opera (opens new tab), was the first major browser to offer a free VPN (opens new tab) five year ago.

Opera VPN Pro, unlike the browser’s free VPN (opens new tab), is a premium VPN that offers additional privacy and security for all Android smartphones (opens new tab).

Opera’s goal is to make online security simple for its users. While standalone VPN services require users installing an additional app and registering for an account, Opera does not. Opera VPN Pro allows users to subscribe with their existing Opera sync accounts, without the need for downloading an additional app.

Opera VPN Pro provides enhanced security for a device and can protect up six Android smartphones with one subscription. Opera VPN Pro’s next-generation encryption (opens in new window) helps protect user data regardless of which app is installed on the device.

Opera VPN Pro

Opera VPN Pro, just like the free VPN, is a no log service (opens in new window), but it also provides access to over 3,000 private network servers at more than 30 virtual locations around the world. It allows users to stream videos and download files securely from public WiFi (opens in new tab).

Opera’s premium VPN service is also available in a data-saving mode, so users don’t exceed their mobile phone plan’s limits.

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Opera currently has a promotion (opens in new window) in which new VPN Pro users pay $1.99 per monthly on the three month plan. This is while the service remains beta. Users can pay monthly for $2.99 per month. New users can also enjoy a free 7-day trial to try the service, as well as a 30-day guarantee of your satisfaction.

Stefan Stjernelund, product manager at Opera for Android, provided additional insight into the company’s decision launch a premium version its VPN service in a Press Release (opens in new tab).

Opera has always been focused on protecting users’ privacy and we constantly introduce new, free advanced features that are designed to protect users while they surf the internet. Based on user requests, we noticed a growing interest in whole-device trusted protection. Opera decided to launch a trusted VPN Pro solution as a further step.

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