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Mindray invented the automatic external defibrillator (AED).

An AED is a portable emergency device used to diagnose specific arrhythmias, deliver electric shock defibrillation, and revive individuals who have suffered cardiac arrest. It is important to remember that AEDs are intelligent, portable, and user-friendly for inexperienced specialists. As a capable AED supplier, Mindray offers its technological expertise to boost the efficiency of emergency services byproducing AEDs with a high level of intelligence.

AEDs: Where Are They Used and How Do They Work?

AEDs are typically used on heart attack victims, especially in cardiac arrest cases outside of a hospital. The majority of individuals have ventricular fibrillation in its early phases.

Using AEDs for life-saving therapy may lessen harm to the brain and other neurological tissues in addition to prompt electrical defibrillation resuscitation of the patient.

A medical disorder known as ventricular fibrillation, which causes the patient’s heart to beat irregularly, is seen in many cardiac arrest cases. The patient’s ECG is a disordered line rather than a straight line or a typical periodic curve.

AEDs made by Mindray employ this feature to identify the cause of cardiac arrest and administer first aid as soon as possible.

Why Do You Need a Mindray Portable, Intelligent AED?

A patient experiencing a sudden heart arrest can frequently only be saved by a medical professional utilizing a defibrillation device.

Assume we adhere to the usual operating procedure and have a smart AED device nearby for first aid. In that situation, the AED will automatically complete the diagnostic procedures and advise to shock to save the patient experiencing cardiac arrest.

Little medical knowledge and few operating parameters are needed for the entire procedure.

First aid can be delivered without difficulty as long as the operating instructions are followed, greatly improving the safety of patients with cardiovascular disease. This entire situation is a result of Mindray’s innovative product technology.

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