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Revolutionizing Urban Logistics: Cargo Tricycles by Jiangsu JINPENG Group

Jiangsu JINPENG Group Co., Ltd., the world’s largest electric cargo trike manufacturer, is making waves in urban logistics. Their expertise in electric vehicle research, development, production, and sales is transforming the way goods are transported in cities.

JINPENG’s cargo tricycles are leading the charge in sustainable urban deliveries. Their electric-powered trikes offer a clean and efficient alternative to traditional delivery vehicles, reducing emissions and congestion on city streets.

 The Green Revolution

JINPENG’s cargo tricycles represent a green revolution in urban logistics. These vehicles are environmentally friendly, contributing to reduced air pollution and a greener urban landscape.

Customer-Focused Support

Understanding quality support is key, JINPENG fields dedicated teams to assist customers in selecting optimal trike models and provide prompt technical guidance. Their experts work diligently to ensure every customer enjoys a smooth purchase process and ownership experience. JINPENG values customer satisfaction above all else.

Global Distribution Network

JINPENG Group’s influence extends globally. They collaborate with partners worldwide to promote cargo tricycles as a sustainable solution for urban logistics challenges. With distribution hubs across 30+ countries, JINPENG delivers its premium trikes to riders across the globe. Customers worldwide can purchase directly from JINPENG or authorized local retailers, enjoying quick delivery and import duties included. JINPENG believes in serving all riders regardless of location.


Jiangsu JINPENG Group’s electric cargo tricycles are reshaping urban logistics by offering eco-friendly, technologically advanced solutions. As cities strive for cleaner, more efficient transportation, JINPENG’s contribution is pivotal in creating a sustainable future for urban deliveries.

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