Roulette – The forgotten king of casinos

Do you know which card game is famous as the King of Casino? That’s the gameRoulette, a game that almost every bettor has participated in. So what is Roulette? What are the rules and regulations of this game? What are the gaming tips to win this King casino game? To clarify why this is the king in the online casino industry. Read the article now so you don’t miss the information!

What is Roulette again?

Roulette has extremely simple rules with just a betting table, a spinning wheel with a dial, and an iron ball to start playing. Start spinning the wheel, wait until the marble stops in any box, then the player who bets on that box will win.

Speaking of Roulette, this is a popular game in the Casino world. In French, the game is called little wheel. When playing this game, players will make many different types of bets. Such as betting on black/red, even/odd numbers, high/low numbers, choosing a single number, different groups of numbers, etc.

This game begins when the dealer spins the wheel. Then, drop a small white ball around the circle surrounding the wheel in the opposite direction. The rotation stops, whichever box the ball falls into is the result of the game.

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Basic Roulette game rules

When players want to play Roulette, they must grasp its basic rules that we mentioned in the article:Guide to roulette. But in this section you will need to know the following basic rules to remember:

A standard Roulette table includes a wheel divided into 37 cells corresponding to 37 numbers (American Roulette has 38 numbers). Along with that is a betting table for you to place betting chips.

You will have the right to bet on multiple doors at the same time.

  • Inside bet: Players bet on boxes with specific numbers.
  • Outside bets: Players make bets on groups of numbers such as red, black, horizontal, vertical, even numbers, odd numbers, etc.

Each type of bet will have a different payout rate, corresponding to its probability of return. For example, if you choose the hardest bet to win, the odds will be the highest, like 1 to 35. Meanwhile, if you bet on red/black, the odds will only be 1:1.

In each Roulette betting table, there will be minimum and maximum betting limits. Therefore, you need to pay attention to the betting limit table to choose the type of bet that best suits you!

So that you can easily visualize the Roulette table, the following are details of the betting sequence and types of bets. Let’s explore!

Place a bet

On the betting table, you will see many types of chips with different values. Players will click on the type of chip they want, then drag them to the desired betting position on the betting table. Types of bets in Roulette that you may know include:

  • Single bet (1 number): Player moves the mouse to any number on the table (0-36), winning ratio is 1:35.
  • Double bet (2 numbers): You will bet on two numbers by placing the chip on the space between the two numbers. The winning ratio is 1:17.
  • Line bet (3 numbers): The player places the chip below that horizontal line, winning ratio is 1:11.
  • Corner bet (4 numbers): Make a bet on 4 numbers, by placing the chip at the intersection corner of those 4 numbers. The ratio is 1:8.
  • Bet on two rows (6 numbers): You place the chip on the intersection point at the bottom edge of the two rows, ratio 1:5.
  • Column bet (12 numbers): The player bets on the column by placing chips on the “2 to 1” box at the end of that column. Eating ratio 1:2.
  • Dozen bet (12 numbers): Make bets on groups of 12 numbers by placing chips on the box “1st 12”, “2nd 12”, “3rd 12”. Eating ratio 1:2.
  • Bet black/red (18 numbers): You bet all the numbers are red or black, the payout ratio is 1:1.
  • Odd/even bets: Similarly, players bet on all even or odd numbers, at a ratio of 1:1.
  • Half table bet (18 numbers): You bet on the result in the low half of the table (1-18) or the high half of the table (19-36), ratio 1:1.

The dealer will spin the wheel

After the time period allowing players to bet ends, the Dealer will spin the wheel and drop the ball.

Dealer announces the results and pays the bet

When the white ball has stopped completely in a certain number box, the Dealer will announce the result. For example, “18 Red” means the number 18 and the color red. At the same time, you see the symbol placed on the table at the winning number.

If you win, the house will pay out the prize amount proportionally. After that, a new Roulette bet will begin.

Roulette tricks to win big

To win, you need to know these game tricks. To be able to bring in large amounts of money in the Casino Roulette game.

Hit quickly

The Double strategy is often applied by players. This is the strategy for raising money and managing capital properly. If you lose, then in the next bet you will double the amount and so on until you win. This way of winning will help you earn a large amount of money, but you need to have a large amount of capital to play.

Play the Fabonacci sequence

This is also a playing strategy that many players apply to win Roulette. The Fabonacci mathematical sequence is used in a forward 1 back 2 way. This means you will bet 1 up if you lose and 2 down if you win. The hitting formula is developed as follows: 1-2-3-5-8-13-21-34.

Betting sequence 1-3-2-6

Similar to Fabonacci, players will multiply their bets according to the number sequence 1-3-2-6.

Strategy to attack D’Alembert

For this strategy, you also play like folding, but you will play 1/10 forward and 1/10 back. That is, if the bet loses, you increase the bet by 1/10, and if you win, it will decrease by 1/10. This strategy will help you reduce your risk compared to Double, which will also be much lighter.

Above is the most general article about the game Roulette – The forgotten king of casinos. Trang Chủ New88 Hopefully the information this article brings will help you play betting games successfully.

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