Surfshark now offers manual WireGuard connections

Surfshark is one of the best VPN services right now. It has responded to growing demand by making it possible for anyone to set up a manual WireGuard connection.

Now users can take advantage of faster speeds and greater security protection provided by the WireGuard Protocol on a wider range of devices.

“A manual WireGuard connection would allow the use of this protocol in cases where our apps are not available, for example networks where Surfshark apps are blocked or on routers that support this protocol,” explained the provider

Leading VPN service offers the latest encryption protocol for manual connections.

Why not use a manual WireGuard link?

The most affordable VPN available on the market explains in a post (opens in new tab) that WireGuard “connects to VPN servers faster, provides fast browsing speeds and maintains complete security.”

Surfshark users feel the need to be capable of using this protocol on all devices and under any circumstances.

You might be interested in Surfshark manual WireGuard connection when:

You wish to use WireGuard in a country that restricts VPN usage.

You would like to enjoy faster speeds with VPN-compatible routers

Surfshark does not offer apps for you, but you are looking for better security and reliable performance.

You want to ensure that all devices are protected without compromising the network’s performance.

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