The company gives away a free VPN for businesses. There are no strings attached.

The new Starter plan by cloud VPN(opens new tab), which allows smaller businesses to access a capable business VPN (opens new tab) service, has been launched.

The company’s Starter plan allows SMBs to create a VPN service for up to 100 users, without having to invest in hardware.

GoodAccess’ new plan, although free, ensures remote access security, encrypts connections with business systems, protects data, and blocks online threats. The GoodAccess Starter plan is less expensive than other free VPN (opens in new window) plans. It also doesn’t include any advertising and does not sell an organization’s browsing data to third parties.

GoodAccess believes that everyone should have access to their business at any time and from anywhere. We don’t need to waste our time worrying about infrastructure. The release of the Starter Plan is a natural step in our mission.”

GoodAccess Starter Package

GoodAccess’ Starter plan allows users to connect to the cloud VPN from their business computers. The service will automatically find the closest gateway location with the lowest latency and ensure smooth operation. The company’s free plan dynamically assigns IP addresses to users. Organizations that require a static address (opens new tab), will need to upgrade their paid plan.

GoodAccess Starter provides clients for Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS. This allows even non-paying users to connect to a VPN both on desktop and mobile. GoodAccess uses encryption at the network layer to protect sensitive business data as well as the payload.

DNS filtering (opens in new window) is often used as the first line defense against various online threats, including phishing attacks and network-borne attacks such as botnets, port scans, and other malware. The implementation of DNS filtering by GoodAccess’ Threat blocker is done on the VPN gateway. It alerts administrators about any malicious presences and protects users. While the new Starter plan includes all the protection capabilities of the company’s Threat Blocker, paid users have access to more detailed reporting.

GoodAccess’ Starter plan is available for businesses to test. They can sign up for a 14 day free trial (opens in new window) and then decide whether they want to upgrade to a paid plan or stick with their free plan.

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