Types of Air Jordans Every Sneakerhead Should Know

Nike sells a staggering 780 million pairs of sneakers every year, which shows how popular their collection is, from Air Jordans to Air Maxes.

Air Jordans have taken the sneaker world by storm, whether it’s their appealing chunky style or fresh colorway. But with so many fantastic designs available, it’s difficult knowing which ones are worth collecting. Maybe that’s why you’re here; you want to grow your Air Jordan collection and need a nudge in the right direction.

Sounds like you? Luckily, we have you covered. Here are the all-time best types of Air Jordans every sneakerhead should know.

Air Jordan I

There’s no better place to start than at the beginning, or 1985 to be more specific. Consumers loved its revolutionary cushioning and the swoosh that sweeps across the body. Plus, you can’t go wrong with that classic red-and-white colorway.

Air Jordan VI

Another fan favorite is the Jordan 4 retro which was released at a similar time. Aside from its chunky aesthetic, we love how the prominent grip holes make it easier to slide the sneaker on. And, if you didn’t know, the style of these Air Jordan sneakers was inspired by Michael Jordan’s favorite sports car, which makes it extra special.

Air Jordan XVII

In 2002, Nike released the 17th pair of Air Jordans. This was to commemorate Jordan’s return to basketball when he was part of the Washington Wizards. In fact, because of this, these sneakers are the most expensive pair of Jordans on the market.

Air Jordan XXXV DNA

Another must-have in any Air Jordan collection is the XXXV DNA model. As you can guess from its name, these have top-tier cushioning and will turn heads with the vibrant aesthetic. Because of this, this pair will look great in almost every outfit, whether you’re going casual or to a slightly more formal event.

Air Jordan V

Anyone determined to grow their sneaker collection should go with the classic Air Jodan Vs. Thanks to Will Smith, these have earned legend status and you’ll have noticed them if you’re a fan of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Not to mention, MJ himself scored career-high points in these kicks.

Air Jordan XX3

Although it’s difficult to pinpoint the best Air Jordans, the XX3 ranks highly.

Released in 2008, this sneaker didn’t follow the trend of copying sports cars. In fact, MJ draws his inspiration from his love of golf, which is reflected in the stitching. A bonus is that these sneakers are eco-friendly as the manufacturers used the least amount of water and produced little bi-products compared to other models.

Air Jordan XII 

Originally released in 1996, MJ wore these sneakers during the infamous “Flu Game” where he scored a staggering 38 points, even though he was ill (it’s recently been confirmed that he was suffering from food poisoning, rather than the flu). But you can tell that the design reflects his perseverance on the court, thanks to the red-and-black colorway.

Air Jordan XX 

Sneakheads love the Air Jordan XX because it’s the first time designers have introduced laser-etching to the line. Fans also love how the ankle strap adds visual intrigue to the silhouette, which helps it stand out whether you’re walking down the street or playing ball. In fact, Ray Allen sported the XXs when he was a Team Jordan member.

Air Jordan IX

Released in 1993, the Air Jordan IX hit the shelves when MJ was taking a break from basketball. But that doesn’t mean he was idle; he was dipping his toes in minor league baseball instead. And if you haven’t already guessed it, the model resembles a baseball cleat to convey his other passion.

Air Jordan XIX 

The Air Jordan XIX kicks are famous for pushing boundaries with their design, especially since their inception in 2004. You may have noticed that the shoes were inspired by the black member snake, thanks to the white-and-black colorway. Sneakerheads will also enjoy the practical side of this shoe as there is a Zoom Air Bag for extra cushioning.

Air Jordan XIV 

One glance at these bad boys and you’ll notice their similarity to a sports car (again!). In fact, MJ got inspiration from his beloved Ferrari 550M, which is reflected in the slick body. Plus, it’s shown through the yellow logo, which looks like Ferrari’s iconic insignia.

Air Jordan 2011

Anyone after a low-key shoe design should add the Air Jordan 2011 to their shopping cart. Sneaker fanatics argue that it doesn’t have the same charisma as earlier models, but we beg to differ. A bonus is you can choose from a range of colorways, depending on your taste.

KAWS x Air Jordan VI Retro

We’re all a sucker for a collab and this is no different. The KAWS x Air Jordan shoe was greatly anticipated and there was even a raffle for sneakerheads to win a pair. The star feature is the gray suede body and iconic KAWS graphics on the uppers.

Air Jordan I x OFF-WHITE 

Another stellar collab was with Virgil Abloh, the founder of OFF-WHITE. This is a new take on the classic sneakers, which you can see from the splash of blue and orange on the body. And, if you can’t get your hands on those, check out the “Sail” sneaker for another popular collab.

Learn the Different Types of Air Jordans

There you go, those are the best types of Air Jordans to splurge on.

Luckily for sneakerheads, there are endless sneakers to check out, such as the classic Air Jordan I and IV. You should also treat yourself to a collab, whether it’s with KAWS or OFF-WHITE. What’s not to love?

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