VPN users are not affected by the new Netflix password sharing rules.

Netflix’s new password-sharing strategy has been launched. However, Netflix users who connect to one of its best Netflix VPN services appear to be able to bypass the provision, at least for the moment.

These new rules suggest that Netflix is focusing on households and not users. Customers who use their account for more than 2 weeks in locations other than their primary residence will be subject to an additional fee.

“VPN use is unlikely to affect this move because the proposed Netflix settings will look for a unique TV device to view the account on rather than a location setting with others,” Global Cyber Security Advisor at ESET Jake Moore stated to TechRadar Pro.

Why do people use a Netflix VPN?

Moore believes this could be a good security move. Although it may appear that Netflix is trying to increase its profits by banning account sharing in multiple households, this is a timely reminder not to share passwords with anyone and to keep all passwords private.

There are many TV series and movies available on Netflix, but some shows are restricted to certain countries. Netflix and other streaming services like it have geo-restrictions that restrict their content to copyright reasons.

To increase their TV entertainment options, more people are turning to the best VPN services. A recent TechRadar Pro poll found that around 40% of respondents use a streaming proxy to access foreign content.

A VPN is a method to increase online privacy. It masks your IP address, so your activities can’t be tracked back. This also means Netflix will think you are in another region, and will only show you content that is available there.

A Netflix VPN can be the perfect tool to help you do all of this, whether you are looking to travel the world via your couch or catch up on your favorite TV shows while you’re abroad.

What should you look for in a Netflix VPN?

Before you choose your Netflix VPN, there are some things you should consider.

First, is the speed of the connection. Video streaming requires high performance. No one likes to see a movie stop because it is not downloading properly. NordVPN currently ranks at the top of our ranking for the fastest VPN services.

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While circumventing geo-restrictions does not make you illegal or result in your account being canceled, it is still against Netflix’s terms and conditions. The streaming platform works hard to stop people from using VPNs.

You should therefore look for providers who offer the best obfuscation tech. To bypass VPN blocks, VPN traffic will appear normal. This feature is offered by ExpressVPN as well as Surfshark.

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