VPNs that are free are increasing in popularity, but there are also increased privacy risks

It’s not surprising that people want to save money, with the cost of living rising and the global economic recession approaching. This is probably why free VPNs are so popular.

A OnePulse poll reveals that more VPN customers are actively looking for free subscriptions and switching from their paid subscriptions.

In the UK, 47% of respondents said they would replace their premium services with a cheaper alternative. However, 60% of Americans seem to prefer a freebie.

This is worrying, as many free VPNs have been criticized for not protecting users’ data. Bean VPN was not the only service to be found guilty leaking millions users’ data. The demand for best VPN services with paid plans appears to be declining, which means that privacy risks are increasing like never before. This article contains all the information you need.

Free VPN Services: What are the risks?

Although it sounds appealing to not pay for a VPN subscription, you should be aware that this may come at a higher price for your privacy.

Most no-fee services must make a profit to be profitable. An analysis of 283 Android apps (opens in new window) showed that 72% of free services had at least one third party tracking library, compared to 35% for premium versions.

Not only do they interrupt your online experience but they also collect some of your personal data. You are probably trying to avoid this by installing security software. They might also infect your computer with malware and viruses.

Bean VPN’s experience has shown that free services don’t always meet the same security standards as paid-for ones. This makes users’ data more susceptible to attack.

The ownership of these services could also be cause for concern. Top10VPN conducted an investigation on 30 of the most popular apps on Google Play. It found that 59% had Chinese ownership. This is alarming if you consider that the Great Firewall of China is infamous for its intrusive internet restrictions and growing online censorship.

Free VPNs are not only less secure, but they also have a harder time unlocking streaming sites’ catalogs and can be slower to connect. You should choose a premium version if you want a reliable streaming proxy.

Here are the best VPNs for free right now

You should not use free VPN apps if you are concerned about your privacy. There are some premium software that offers a secure version of the app without you having to open your wallet.

The Proton VPN is our #1 recommendation. It offers a reliable, free plan that can prove to be very useful for those who want to move to a subscription without fees. It does not allow you to access foreign streaming sites or safely download. However, it provides unlimited data bandwidth, three secure server and some unique security features such as split tunneling, DNS leak protection, and 3 secure servers.

PrivadoVPN offers torrenting VPNs that support P2P sharing. You might also be able to use it with streaming services. Even though there is a data cap, 10GB per month may be enough for most people.

Other premium VPNs that offer free plans include Winscribe and TunnelBear.

You might consider a premium provider that offers no-risk trials. If you want more flexibility, Our top VPN services come with a 30- or 45-day money-back guarantee. You will not be charged any fees upfront, but you will get a refund if you cancel your subscription before the expiration date.

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