What Are Different File Bags?

There are different types of file bags. Some are plastic, transparent, folders, and many more. All of them you can buy in bulk from Alibaba for your shop. They come in various sizes and types and are useful for storing important files. These are t a few features to look for when selecting a file bag.


A filebag is a useful way to keep your papers organized. The materials used to make it are typically waterproof and durable. A file folder made of plastic may be prone to tearing or puncturing. A file folder made of PVC or transparent plastic is an excellent choice for carrying sundries and metal supplies. File folders made of PVC should be protected from moisture and dirt by their waterproof properties. The PP material in file folders is also highly resistant to wear and tear.

The paperboard used to make file folders shall be 100% new cotton, linen pulp, or fully bleached chemical wood pulp. This material shall be free of ground wood, alum rosin sizing, waxes, metal, and plasticizers and contain less reducible sulfur than alum. File folders must pass the same photographic activity test as paper. The materials used in file folders should also meet the following standards:


The most popular ones include the filebag Briefcase and the Expandable Files. These have strong material known as felt which is similar to high-grade woolen. These bags have several compartments for storing files and two pen loops to hold your writing utensils. You can also use the A4 Felt File Folder Briefcase to carry books and protect your documents.

The polypropylene material is also a great option for heavy-duty file folders. This thermoplastic material has a plastic feel and is very durable. It is ideal for transport and filing documents because it can handle tears and shocks. These file bags are also available in colorful designs. Therefore, you can choose the right file bag to store confidential documents in. If you are concerned about the material, try to look for a PVC-free option.


A moisture-proof file bag will keep your papers dry. This bag comes in many styles, including a collapsible one. Some are even stackable. This bag is also helpful for storing documents because it can easily be folded and carried around. Moisture-proof file bags are water-resistant.

The main benefits of moisture-proof file bags are their ability to prevent condensation and airborne moisture from damaging your files. Document bags can hold as many as 1,200 sheets of paper, with four layers of fiberglass materials and fire-resistant zippers. Regardless of your specific storage needs, moisture-proof file bags will protect your files from water damage and fire. A moisture-proof file bag will protect your valuable records and help you do the job more efficiently.


Tear-resistant folders with durable tear-resistant material are best when you find a durable option. These file bags features an exterior slash pocket for storing smaller items. They accommodate both letter and legal-sized files, with a 5-inch expansion. They come in a box of ten. Tear-resistant file bags also provide a higher degree of protection against the wear and tear of files.

What is the Cost of a file bag?

Many different file bags are available at low prices on the Alibaba online market today. They are great for storing documents, but the question is, how much do they cost? There are many options, from inexpensive plastic to higher-quality leather. And the price can vary dramatically.

Final Words

Different filebag can accommodate a variety of items, depending on their size and shape. There are many file bag designs to choose from, such as cross-body or shoulder bag types. It is essential to find a design that will complement the look and feel of your outfit while also being functional. With so many file bag designs available, it is easy to find the perfect one for your needs.

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