What Should You Look For In A Disposable Surgical Gown?

Disposable surgical gowns are necessary items during surgery. This blog article outlines what you should look for when choosing a disposable surgical gown to get the best product for your needs and make the right decision.

What Are Disposable Surgical Gowns?

Disposable surgical gowns are gowns that are used only once and then discarded. They are made of a soft, absorbent material designed to protect the wearer from bodily fluids and other contaminants. Disposable surgical gowns are available in different colors, sizes, and styles.

Types of the Disposable Surgical Gown

First of all, you need to know that no AAMI (Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation) score will specify the type of surgical gown based on the type of surgery. Each institution is ultimately responsible for selecting the correct surgical gown for its operating room staff f. The next four things are the AAMI ratings of different grades of protective :

Level 1: Minimal liquid barrier protection, used in daily patient care when there is little risk of liquid contact, is generally not used in operating rooms.

Level 2: Minimum to low liquid barrier protection, used when there is only a slight risk of liquid contact, for minimally invasive surgery, such as lumps and masses.

Level 3: Moderate liquid barrier protection, used in the most extensive surgical procedures where the risk of liquid exposure is moderate.

Level 4: The highest liquid and microbial barrier protection, which protects against blood-borne pathogens in critical areas, is used for long-term liquid-intensive operations.

Some helpful tips for choosing a disposable surgical gown include:

-Check the size chart to find the best fit. Gowns come in different sizes, so it is important to find one that will fit snugly but not too tight or loose.

-Consider the material: Disposable surgical gowns are typically made from tightly woven materials that protect you against bacteria and other contaminants while undergoing surgery.

-Pricing: Disposable surgical gowns range in different prices, but the quality usually reflects this cost. You are sure to purchase a high-quality product that will last multiple surgeries and provide ample protection against contamination.


When choosing the right disposable surgical gown, you want something that will keep you comfortable and safe during surgery. Additionally, ensure that the surgical gown is designed to protect your skin from other potential injuries during the surgery. Winner Medical is the leading manufacturer of disposable wound-care and surgical products in China, which provides high-quality disposable surgical gowns.

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