Introducing a Premium Manufacturer of AED Supplies

Mindray, as a professional AED company, is constantly making new demands on its products. Take its Mindray Beneheart S series as an example, this series has the pre-charging technology of “open the cover and turn on, from turn on to discharge in just 7 seconds” and 360 joules of defibrillation power, which allows rescuers to quickly achieve the first defibrillation.

At the same time, the device is easy to operate and has low learning costs. Take a glance at the details.

Outstanding Features

During the rescue process, it can also identify the challenges encountered by the rescuer promptly and intelligently adjust the animation guidance and voice prompts to provide detailed guidance to the rescuer and improve the success rate of public first aid.

As a professional medical device manufacturer, Mindray produces AED products with high technical content, in addition to the design of the use of advanced semiconductor chips and IoT solutions, the more important point is to ensure the safety, reliability, ease of use, and effectiveness of the entire system. For the AED devices arranged in public places, each point is very important.

Frontier of the Industry

The biggest feature of the AED is small and lightweight, the whole voice prompts, simple operation, the ability to automatically analyze the heart rhythm, and voice guidance to the rescuer to implement electric shock defibrillation, and ordinary people can use it. The key components and automatic recognition algorithms involved are the core of this. Mindray, as the industry leader, knows its stuff, and its products are trustworthy. Visit their website for more information.

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