All you need to know about deriv bonuses

A bonus is additional money that is given to the trader. Most brokers offer rewards to their traders to attract them. There are different kinds of bonuses. These are sign-up bonuses, referral bonuses, etc.

Deriv is a well-known broker. This article will discuss the bonus that Deriv gives to its customers.

Who is the deriv?

Deriv was established in South Africa. It started with the name Binary.com, but later the name changed, and the company was rebranded. This broker gives a wide range of products. The user experience is also enhanced, and the broker looks professional.

www deriv com has over a million customers, and the average monthly trade in this broker is 43 million, with a monthly withdrawal amount of $6.

Deriv Sign-up Bonus

This is not good news for derive traders since deriv does not offer any sign-up bonus. However, derive provides a welcome and deposit bonus to its customers. There are not a lot of rewards or promotional bonuses offered by Deriv, but the trading conditions provided by Derive are attractive. 

The trader offers a welcome bonus to encourage its new customers to participate in activities. In return, they can earn a reward. The amount of the compensation depends on the initial deposit amount.

Bonus for Deriv Referrals

Some brokers also attract their customers by offering referral bonuses. But deriv does not provide its customers with a referral bonus. As of right now, Deriv does not provide referral bonuses for either new or existing traders who use the products and services provided by the brokerage firm.

Most brokers offer referral bonuses to attract new customers. A criterion is given to the trader. If the trader can fulfil the requirements, he can refer this bonus to friends and family members. 

The time is limited for offering referral bonuses because some brokers see fewer clients in a given month, limiting the time to attract more customers. 

Deriv’s additional bonuses, promotions, and rewards

Although other brokers offer bonuses or rewards to their clients, so the customers are involved in activities, Deriv does not offer any additional bonus to its clients. Deriv does not give any initiative to its customers.

There are many other additional bonuses, such as trading bonuses. It is given to the clients so that the customer increasing their trade may get some compensation. But Deriv does not provide any type of trading bonus.


Bonuses are one of the most popular ways to attract clients. Some brokers offer a sign-up bonus when a trader makes an account with that broker. But Deriv does not provide any type of bonus. There is no bonus for customers, whether they are new or loyal customers. But still, Deriv is a reputable broker and is also regulated by FSCA. It is successfully providing its services to potential traders.

As a result, a trader can only profit from their trading abilities. They can not enjoy any bonus.

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