Pfizer requested authorization from Invima for the use of its vaccine in the country

The American pharmaceutical company Pfizer has already applied to Invima , the National Institute for Food and Drug Surveillance , for health authorization for the emergency use of the vaccine against COVID-19 produced by this firm with the German biotechnology company BioNTech.

Ester December 31, the documents were filed with the health authority, which will now have 10 business days for its specialized medicine room to evaluate the information and issue a substantive statement about the emergency request.

If approved within this period, maximum until January 18 , Pfizer’s antidote will become the first vaccine in the entire country to achieve this endorsement, obviously being the first step to start the National Vaccination Plan announced by the Ministry of health.

This antidote, which has already been approved and used in more than 50 countries, has also shown an efficacy of 95%, two doses per person are applied, and it has been highlighted by experts for its high safety in its use. The Colombian government has currently negotiated 10,000 doses with this pharmaceutical company, which will then serve to immunize five million Colombians , once it is

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