PureVPN now offers quantum-resistant encryption keys for its VPN

To provide more privacy and security for its users, the VPN (opens new tab), provider PureVPN (opens new tab), has added a quantum-resistant feature to its OpenVPN protocol.

PureVPN has partnered specifically with integrated quantum computing company Quantinuum (opens in new window) to deploy quantum-resistant encryption key across its VPN service. Quantinuum’s Quantum Origin platform has allowed the VPN provider to create and deploy quantum-resistant encryption keys. These keys are more secure than keys generated by unreliable classical processes.

PureVPN’s use of Quantinuum technology will protect its users and service from future threats. This will happen once quantum computers (opens in new window) are mainstream adopted.

Uzair Gadit, co-founder and CEO at PureVPN, provided additional insight in a Press Release (opens in new tab). He said:

A quantum computer will solve mathematical problems in just hours, whereas a supercomputer would take days to solve. This is how powerful the technology will become. Quantum computers will surpass even the most powerful supercomputers in our day and age. This means that all existing encryption protocols will be broken.

Prepare for quantum computing attacks

The current encryption protocols (opens in new window) will be likely to be attacked by quantum computing attacks. They are used to protect everything, from sensitive state data to stock markets and power plants to stock market and stock market information.

Although quantum computers may not be a threat to our security, cybercriminals are now harvesting encrypted data with the intent of decrypting the data later (opens in a new window) using quantum computing technology.

PureVPN’s Quantum Resistant Encryption keys and Split Tunneling (opens in a new window) will be first rolled out in the apps for Windows, Mac, and Android. However, the company is currently working on another strategy to counter future quantum computing attacks.

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PureVPN is working on a transitional plan for the quantum-resistant algorithm (opens new tab) after they have received final approval from the National Institute of Standards and Technology NIST (opens a new tab).

PureVPN now has steps in place to protect its VPN service from quantum computing attacks. Other VPN providers can follow their lead and implement their own protections against this threat.

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