This VPN challenger allows you to connect to multiple servers simultaneously

Atlas VPN, a virtual private network ( VPN) has introduced a new feature to increase internet privacy and security.

MultiHop+ is a feature that allows users to “hop” to another server whenever they access a new site. This “hop” automatically takes place, making it difficult to trace traffic.

MultiHop+ is available for Atlas VPN Windows, iOS and Android users worldwide. We’ve been informed that macOS support will be coming soon.

This feature is available as part of Atlas VPN premium subscription. Users who wish to use it must first purchase Atlas VPN premium.

Multiple servers can be connected at once

“While regular VPN servers provide enough protection for most internet users, journalists and activists living in countries with high levels of censorship, as well as journalists, may benefit greatly from additional protection. Users can currently choose between two MultiHop+ server chains, including Europe or North America, according to Ruta Cizinauskaite (PR Manager at Atlas VPN).

A VPN service creates a secure tunnel between the user’s computer and the private VPN server. The VPN server creates an encrypted connection and allows the user to access the internet via that server. This hides their real IP address.

MultiHop+ allows users to connect to multiple VPN servers simultaneously, rather than just one. Atlas VPN states that the servers are randomly selected and carefully chosen for optimal latency, speed, and reliability.

This is the second feature Atlas VPN has introduced in a short period of time. It introduced SafeSwap last summer. This feature allows users to jump between multiple IP addresses without having to switch VPN servers.

We asked Atlas VPN whether Multihop+ would require an additional payment and when it intends to roll it out worldwide.

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